This week's film is a portrait of an organic pecan orchard in Louisiana! The tree shaker is my favorite part. You will also see Jamie Simpson Ross making her famous pecan pie! ... See moreSee less

Pecans are mostly grown in orchards for sale to the public, and the only organic pecan orchard in Louisiana is the Inglewood Orchard near Alexandria. Manager...

2 weeks ago

The Truth About Trees has started its own TREE TV channel and this is our latest offering. On YouTube you can find the channel under the title TruthAboutTrees TV. On our website you can access the channel via the top menu listings. We are putting up lots of scenes -- some expanded, some tightened -- that somehow would not fit into our 3-part PBS series The Truth About Tress: A Natural and Human History. We are planning to put up one short film per week. There are six (6!) short films up now! Please subscribe and share!! ... See moreSee less

Guy Rabut of New York City is an expert violin maker, whose clients include many outstanding musicians. In this video he explains much about his passion for ...

1 month ago

The Truth About Trees shared's video.
A truly revolutionary and wonderful act!!! Inspiring!!
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Man plants a tree in the same place every day — 37 years later, the world is amazed by the result

2 months ago