Diana Beresford-Kroeger is certainly the greatest tree writer/poet/scientist of our time. She's our friend and supporter too, And she fights for the trees with elegance, determination, and good humor. She has written many wonderful books and recently starred in her own film, which is named CALL OF THE FOREST. It's a beauty! So is she! ... See moreSee less

Climate change has been in the news all week -- as it should be -- from the UN's frightening report, to Hurricane Michael hitting Florida again at 145 MPH. S...

1 week ago

Our latest mini-film goes up today -- it's a short piece about a white oak in Athens, GA that was legally protected in its owner's will and generally recognized by the town citizens since 1832. I think it's a great idea!! If anyone has ideas about how to do about it, let us know! ... See moreSee less

The former Supreme Court Justice, William O. Douglas, and cosmologist Thomas Berry both weighed in on the question of the Legal Standing of Nature. The city ...

2 weeks ago

Terry Cunningham takes us on a very informative tour of the Pioneer Forest in Missouri, where they provide lumber and maintain a complete forest at the same time. It's called "UNEVEN AGE MANAGEMENT." Sounds good to me! ... See moreSee less

From the Longleaf pines of the Deep South, we move to a hardwood forest in Missouri called the Pioneer Forest. It was founded by Leo Drye, a St. Louis enviro...

2 weeks ago

Here is the second part of our mini-film about Longleaf Pine, as narrated by Rhett Johnson, director of the Longleaf Alliance in southern Alabama. It is based on our research and our filming for the upcoming PBS series The Truth About Trees. ... See moreSee less

Rhett Johnson is the founder and director of the Longleaf Pine Alliance and is certainly one of the world's experts on the subject. In this mini-film he talk...

4 weeks ago

With this mini-film (and the next one) we are sharing #39 and #40 for TREE TV. These have been made from what we shot in making our PBS series The Truth About Trees. Here Rhett Johnson tells about the Longleaf Pine of the deep South, which is his own favorite tree. The big lumbermen almost obliterated it, but thanks to the Longleaf Pine Alliance, the tree is making a comeback. Listen, Watch, and Share! ... See moreSee less

This is a portrait of the Longleaf Pine as described by Rhett Johnson, the Director of the Longleaf Pine Alliance and illustrated by film we shot in Alabama'...

1 month ago

Jerry Franklin and Peter Raven are two of our most brilliant folks around talking about trees and forests. Here is a good way to get to know them better! ... See moreSee less

Jerry Franklin and Peter Raven are two of the most outstanding tree scientists and forest writers in America. In this short video they talk about Climate Cha...

1 month ago

The Truth About Trees shared a link. ... See moreSee less

When we began filming The Truth About Trees, Mr. Cleaves was the director of Climate Change policy at the U.S. Forest Service. He spoke for the Forest Servic...

1 month ago

Today we uploaded two mini-films to TruthAboutTrees TV on YouTube. TREES and GOATS is one of them. CLEAVES on CLIMATE CHANGE is the second one. Both are interesting in their own way! More to come soon!! Hope you enjoy and can share! ... See moreSee less

David Minckler filmed these eco-goats cleaning up the Congressional Cemetery in D.C. Apparently goats will eat anything green and low-hanging, making it poss...

1 month ago

We are uploading the mini-film NYC TREES today and later this week we will be uploading several more short films made from footage shot during the making of our PBS series The Truth About TREES. Please like, friend, share, and subscribe!! And Enjoy! ... See moreSee less

Photographer Benjy Swett and Arborist Bill Logan talk about the trees of New York City and their importance to the people of that city!

2 months ago