Coinciding with my grandmother's birthday (january 19, 1878), we are uploading to our YouTube channel (TruthAboutTrees TV) our 14th mini-film about trees!! You can also link to the channel via TREE TV in the menu on our website: If you care about trees, these films will entertain and educate you! ... See moreSee less

Science author Jim Robbins describes the way the Pine Bark Beetles utterly destroyed his Pondarosa Pine forest in Montana. University of Wisconsin entomologi...

2 days ago

So far, this is our most popular short film, which we are making for our Truth About Trees TV channel on YouTube. Please watch and share!! ... See moreSee less

Guy Rabut of New York City is an expert violin maker, whose clients include many outstanding musicians. In this video he explains much about his passion for ...

4 weeks ago

This is our 12th short film posted to our TREE TV channel, which can be accessed most easily though our website for The Truth About Trees. Please watch and subscribe!! ... See moreSee less

A portrait of the amazing Bristlecone Pine tree -- which can live to be 5000 years old. It ranks as the oldest living thing on the planet.

4 weeks ago

We are pleased to add a new short film to TREE TV -- entitled simply "Christmas Trees." Enjoy! ... See moreSee less

This scene is about Christmas trees. We meet Molly Hatfield, who has been selling Christmas trees in New York City for more than 20 years.

1 month ago