Another mini-film is now uploaded -- a portrait of one of our favorite trees -- the Catalpa tree. Big leaves, wonderful blossoms, long dangly seedpods!! Please share!! And subscribe too! ... See moreSee less

One of our favorite trees has been the Catalpa tree, which has giant leaves, beautiful blossoms, and long dangly seedpods! It seems to be a popular urban tre...

5 days ago

This mini-film is a portrait through the year of the American Beech tree! Complete with remarks from the expert botanist "Frosty" Levy from East Tennessee State University. We had a few problems with our Youtube channel and so this is the first of a four film backlog that we will be uploading to the channel! Hope you enjoy it and share it too. AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! ... See moreSee less

This is a portrait of the American Beech tree, one of the most popular trees in the Eastern Forest. We see the tree though the entire year!

6 days ago

The first montage ever of the mycorrhiza -- the crucial relationship of tree roots and the fungi in the earth! ... See moreSee less

The relationship of trees roots and the fungi in the earth is a recent discovery! It's called Mycorhiza. Here is a montage of the very few pictures taken -- ...

3 weeks ago

Here is our newest mini-film! Enjoy the Bur Oak; enjoy Mark Hirsch and his enjoyment! ... See moreSee less

A portrait of the Bur Oak tree (a favorite of MidWesterners that I know) and a subject of the beautiful photographs by Mark Hirsch in his book That Tree.

2 months ago

mini-film as part of our series, The Truth About Trees, has just uploaded to YOuTube! You can also find it on our website Just click Tree TV in the top menu.
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E.O.Wilson asks the question: What accounts for our "Dendrophilia?" --- i.e., our love of trees. Our childhood encounters with trees is part of the answer, o...

2 months ago

This week we have put up TWO mini-films about trees! The first one was about the production of Nano Cellulose crystals from waste wood that is taking place at the Forest Products Lab in Madison, Wisconsin. And today we are presenting a portrait of the RED MAPLE tree through the seasons. Please enjoy, learn and share! ... See moreSee less

This is a simple portrait of the lovely red maple tree through the seasons. It shows red during every season but particularly during reproductive time in ear...

3 months ago

Here is our newest mini-film -- one of our favorites of all time -- the Sycamore tree. And it's gotta a surprise guest! ... See moreSee less

Our newest mini-film is about one of our favorite trees, the Sycamore. According to Colin Tudge, it's one of the oldest trees. And in the East it's everywher...

3 months ago

Please watch and share this wonderful story! The American Chestnut tree disappeared from the forest by 1940 (or so) and now it's coming back!!! ... See moreSee less

The American Chestnut tree is being restored! Thanks to the tireless work of Dr. Fred Hebard and the American Chestnut Foundation, there are now beautiful, t...

3 months ago